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Welcome To My Page "GIMMEE MONEY"
I want to be rich, and I have found that working for it just takes too darn long, Besides... it isn't any fun. I mean... why work ? I want more out of life, and after all... you only live once.
This is where you come in, with your help you can make someone's dream come true. Mine ! Ludicrous you say ? well... read the content of this website and I think you'll agree that if anything I will have at the very least entertained you, isn't that worth something ? I think so.
Money Facts
Most people waste money or throw it away on self absorbed habits. It takes four quarters to make one dollar One hundred pennies make one dollar A nickel is 5 cents
Empty out your pockets
Everyone has some spare change, even if you're not able to Gimme One thousand dollars you know you have some change in your pocket. Sacrifice that cup of coffee, that pack of cigarettes or that tank of gas and think of someone else besides yourself for once. Don't be so self centered for God sakes !
Oh.. ! before I forget... If you can only afford spare change just make sure you meet the minimum requirements. (click on the Don't be cheap link.

Cash Flow
Help make me a millionaire !
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Help me get rich quick
Can I have a million dollars ? Am I aiming to high ?

A picture is worth a thousand words
Need I say more ? Gimmee your money clip. Please ?
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